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Barton Springs is arguably one of Austin’s most important physical, cultural and natural resources. In spite of this central place in our community, there is currently no website that tells the story of Barton Springs in a way that communicates its value. This is a deficit that needs to be addressed. With its top-notch production team, the Living Springs documentary will fill this need and will make the story available to anyone with an internet connection.

The flexibility afforded by the web will allow us the unique opportunity to stay in close touch with our audience. Not only will people be able to go on-line and view what we have created, but people will be invited to submit their own videos to the Barton Springs story. By creating a dialogue with our audience, the community for this project will evolve and be on-going through time. Unlike many media projects, Living Springs is an evergreen investment that will be a resource for the community for many years to come.

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Watch Video Clips from Living Springs

  • Of Mills and Picnics: The Age of Industry at Barton Springs

    A sample of the historic content that will be part of Living Springs. This video chronicles the age of industry at Barton Springs
  • A Reflecting Pool

    “A Reflecting Pool” recounts Barton from 1912-1962 through the memories of those who lived the history. The short film includes wonderful archive photos, film and original historic re-creations. This piece looks into the little known social history of the Springs, including the segregation and eventual integration of the Springs in 1962.
  • Spirit Waters

    This short video is part of the Living Springs documentary series about Barton Springs in Austin, Texas. It documents the Native American water gathering ceremony where the women offer their smoke and prayers at Eliza Springs, one of the four fountain springs of the Coahuiltecan creation story. The ceremony is private so we commissioned animators Jeanne Stern,and Erin OBrien, with help from Henna Chou, to show the ceremony in an abstract form. The songs and chants are original and were gathered during the ceremony. To learn more visit
  • Living Springs 7-minute Video Trailer

    An overview of the Living Springs interactive documentary
  • Plants and "Ode to Swimming"

    Here are two of several dozen videos that will become part of the Livings Springs project. The first video features Liza Colucci an aquatic biologist with the City of Austin who talks about the plants that are found at Barton Springs. The second video is a poem by long-time swimmer poet, Susan Bright. The poem is read by 18 year old, Mary Bryce who has swum at Barton Springs since her birth. The footage is a combination of original and archival. The music for the poem is by Paper Route.
  • "Barton Springs" by Tony Hoagland

    This poem, written by Tony Hoagland was paired with footage of Barton Springs. The footage was shot by Karen Kocher and edited by Christian Wolf. The music, "Two" was written by Aaron Marshall