Martha Selfie

Martha Grenon



I didn’t become a Barton Springs addict until 2008, after living in Austin, Texas since 1975.

I’m sorry it took so long.

Recently I learned that long before the pool was built the Springs were used for purification rites by the Tonkowa Indians; that explains some of the magic.

Before I get in, I sit near the edge of the pool and let the power of the waters flow through me.

Without getting wet, I can feel that first plunge into 70 degree water, the inward gasp, sometimes a silent scream,and then oneness with the flowing springs.

This is the one true thing in my life.

If I can come here every morning and immerse myself in these waters, then I am okay for the rest of the day.

These photos are dedicated to Barton Springs:

Long may you run.