About Living Springs

Living Springs is an interactive documentary series. What does that mean? Just like a traditional documentary, there is video, and LOTs of it. If fact, if you viewed every video, it would be almost twice the length of a feature length film. But, instead of being presented as one long film, with one single story, there will be several dozen videos that tell the story of the Springs from many different perspectives.

Using the power of this multi-linear approach you navigate a virtual underwater environment, meeting artists and scientists, historic figures, poets and preachers who share their stories and their thoughts about Austin’s most beloved natural resource.

Interactive documentary also means that YOU participate. Not only can you control the path through this story, but you may submit your own videos and still images for inclusion in the project. In this way this documentary, like Springs, evolves over time from a variety of perspectives.

Because it lives on the web, Living Springs will be available 24-7, around the globe, to any person with an internet connection. Locally, we are already working with teachers to build the project into the science and humanities curriculum throughout central Texas. Finally, a high-resolution version of the project will be installed as part of a permanent exhibit at the Barton Springs Education Center where over 100,000 visitors come each year.